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Why does getting your software implementation right matter?

When setting up a new business software, especially something highly involved like job costing software, getting it right from the start is critical. Because of the huge impact that new systems have on your business, mistakes at the start of the processes can have knock-on effects for your business. 

Details and updated information about assistance being provided to business. This will be updated as new information becomes available or if existing information changes, so bookmark if you need to.

For the second year in a row, are privileged to be recognised by HubDoc, one of the industry leaders in the automation of financial documents, as a Top 50 Cloud Accountant for 2017.

Spam - it is the bane of any business, and can end up consuming much of our time as we try to out wit, out smart and out play the spammers. If it sounds like a game of Survivor, you're right, it can be - they can slowly wear you down!

We are regularly hearing stories of businesses that have been after HR and employment advice, and have done (or so they thought) the right thing in googling Fair Work, and going to the horses mouth for advice, only to find that they are being asked to pay for the "Fair Work" advice.

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Want to see if Xero is right for you?

We offer a full-featured demonstration and discussion about your business and how it could work with Xero for just $99! And, if you decide to engage our services further, we'll offset this cost against your first invoice. 


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