Date published: 18 January 2018

Spam (not the canned type!)

Spam - it is the bane of any business, and can end up consuming much of our time as we try to out wit, out smart and out play the spammers. If it sounds like a game of Survivor, you're right, it can be - they can slowly wear you down!

DID YOU KNOW....? Spam can be reported!

Yep... that's right, there is a government agency that will take reports of spam, both SMS and email.

The organisation is the ACMA (the Australian Communications and Media Authority)

SMS Spam can be reported by forwarding the message to the Spam SMS service on 0429 999 888 (standard charges for sending SMS by your provider will apply)

Email Spam can be forwarded (unedited or appended in any way) to the Spam Intelligence Database at

There are a few things to consider before making a complaint, either regarding SMS or Email Spam, and more information can be found HERE.

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