Date published: 8 December 2021

4 Ways to customise your software implementation for better results

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Why does getting your software implementation right matter?

When setting up a new business software, especially something highly involved like job costing software, getting it right from the start is critical. Because of the huge impact that new systems have on your business, mistakes at the start of the processes can have knock-on effects for your business. 

On the flip side, having a good set-up can mean getting up and running sooner for a good ROI on your software subscription. Setting your team up with good, specific training means better adoption rates by your team and more effective use of the tools.

So, how do you prepare for a strong implementation? 

Plan, plan, plan!

Usually, implementing new software can be an existing stepping stone to more growth or solving a business problem. Because of this, it can be tempting to rush into set-up to get started sooner, but that can actually slow the process down.

Take the time within your business to establish the goals you need to achieve and the order you need to achieve them in. Think about the steps needed to get implementation completed. That way, when you work on set-up, you can focus on the outcomes and steps to keep you on track and make sure nothing are missed.

Understanding your desired outcomes can also help you ensure you’ve picked the right software option before you invest too much time and money into the set-up. 

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Think about your unique needs

Every business is different, so it’s crucial to take the time to think about the things that matter that might be outside of the normal setup. No two businesses implementation and training will be the same, even within the same industry. 

What does your business do? What features will you need to work on Day 1? What do you need to get from the software to make it worthwhile? 

For example, if you work in manufacturing, then having an accurate stock take might be crucial before you can use the software. If you make large, complicated pieces of equipment, then having your project templates set up might be the biggest factor. If your a consulting business, then it might be capacity planning tools that need to be up and running first. 

It’s important to remember that correct training and implementation is an investment in your team and business, not just a cost of doing business. By taking a step back to really think about what you’re looking to achieve and setting the right benchmarks for your roll-out, you can get more out of this investment.

Does everyone need to learn everything? 

When planning your training, think about who will need to learn what. If you have a small team, it might make sense to have everyone understand all elements of the software. The bigger your team or more siloed your departments, it might be worth thinking about how to divvy up training. It can help save time and minimise disruption to not have everyone in every training session.

Depending on the software, you might also be able to save money by limiting the number of users that have full access to add-ons. By limiting access, you can also simplify training to prevent information overload and help people retain the information they actually need. 

Get outside help

It’s no secret that implementation is a complicated process. Getting outside help when needed can help give you peace of mind and save you time. Bringing in a specialist that can help you train your team can help everyone get up to speed faster. That can mean being able to make the switch sooner and avoiding mistakes while switching software

Additionally, outside help might be able to help you objectively look at your business needs and help find an option that can really help with your unique business setup and objectives. Not all software is built to equally meet every business needs, and experts that work with software every day can help point you in the right direction.

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