Xero - Working with and reconciling GST (1 hour)

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Run by Xero Platinum Partner, Cassandra Scott, this recorded webinar focuses on working with GST in Xero, including the use of the GST Reconciliation report.

This is a recording of a live session that was delivered on 8 Mar 2018.

In this one hour session we cover:
  • The importance of GST conversion balances and how to record.
  • Reading and understanding the Xero GST Reconciliation Report
  • Publishing Activity Statements in Xero, including historical statements and dealing with amendments.
  • General troubleshooting - My GST Report doesn’t balance - where do I start looking?
You will receive a separate email titled "Thanks for your Purchase - Xero Working with and Reconciling GST that will have the links to view the recorded webinar, and view a copy of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation - please check your junk or spam folders if you do not receive this within 5-10 minutes of finalising the purchase.

CPE of 45minutes can be claimed for this webinar

Session Duration: 1 hour (approx 45 minutes training and 15 min Q&A)

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Minka Smith wrote:
7 Aug '23 11:16am

Great training to understand how to use the Xero GST Reconciliation Report properly!
Janine Meyer wrote:
8 May '23 10:34am
I am a self taught Xero user and this Reconciliation process by Cassandra was the first explanation I had confidence in, and it was so informative and showed instructions that were understandable and easy to follow.
Kika Jacobs wrote:
24 Oct '22 2:42pm

A valuable insight to GST reports and reconciliation
Sonia Adamczyk wrote:
29 Aug '22 12:35pm

Excellent training webinar. Now fully understand the GST reconciliation. Thank you.
Dianne Jewell wrote:
6 Sep '21 7:13pm

Great piece of training.
Nicole Ralph wrote:
6 Sep '21 3:47pm

Such a great resource & GST webinar! Thank you Cassandra.
Simonne Fleming wrote:
30 Aug '21 5:06pm

Excellent demonstration of deeper level understanding of the GST Reconciliation report, and how to trouble shoot variances.
Sandra Gallicchio wrote:
19 Jul '21 12:41pm

This video was very helpful as I never knew how to use this report before even after using Xero for 5 years. Thank you!
Diane Ovens wrote:
17 Jun '21 3:23pm

Fantastic - as a newbie to Xero I found this to be a great help.
Hannah Langlois wrote:
15 Jun '21 5:44pm

Fantastic course, easy to follow and covers everything you need to know about using the Xero GST Reconciliation Report. Even shows you the journals to use for rounding off down to the cent!
Laura Epis wrote:
14 Jun '21 11:40am

Great resource, I found out about it on Facebook - gave me a good understanding into a previously murky area
Terresa Fletcher wrote:
1 Dec '20 12:32pm

I wish I'd known about this training earlier. Thank you Cassandra.
Kerri Christy wrote:
6 Oct '20 1:45pm

This training was so valuable - we heard about this webinar through Facebook and so glad we purchased it. We all now understand the importance of publishing the Activity Statements and how the GST Reconciliation reads. It is presented well in a step by step format and has really consolidated our understanding.
Eva Chan wrote:
15 Sep '20 10:11am

Great! very helpful!
Bronwyn Wandell wrote:
17 Aug '20 9:54am

I find this training to be fantastic. Whenever we have a new staff member come onboard (we are an accounting firm) I put them through Cassandra's training so they can learn the correct way to work with the GST rec. The training is delivered in an easy to follow manner, Cassandra is very knowledgeable and every single accountant has understood the reason why we do not journal to the GST account. It's a mandatory learning tool for our firm and will continue to be. Thank you
replied with:
17 Aug '20 2:46pm
Hi Bronwyn - thanks so much for your kind words. Glad to hear that your business has found this to be a valuable part of your team training
Sarah Liversidge wrote:
8 Jun '20 1:48pm

Really detailed, up to date and very useful webinar. Pleased I decided to invest.
Misty Larkin wrote:
3 Jun '20 6:28pm
GST reconciliation webinar was great - very informative
Lynne Remnant wrote:
2 Jun '20 9:42am

Thank you for explaining so clearly, I found this webinar very helpful.
Sumi Sivalingam wrote:
25 May '20 2:05pm

Thank you for a very clear lesson on this. It's been the one thing I have been avoiding but am now happy to tackle it :)
Helen Willis wrote:
24 Mar '20 10:40am

Great Webinar, highly recommend, Thanks so much
Sharon Sibthorpe wrote:
6 Mar '20 7:17pm

Answered my queries as to how to get GST to balance (which had been bugging me for ages)...very helpful - thanks so much.
Kim P wrote:
5 Feb '20 9:15am

So easy to follow and really valuable information and tips. Thanks Cassandra
Donna C wrote:
5 Feb '20 9:15am

So easy to follow and really valuable information and tips. Thanks Cassandra
Jenelle E wrote:
13 Nov '19 7:15pm

This webinar gave me some great insights on how to get the best out of the GST Reconciliation report. Cass has a wealth of experience in working with Xero, and it shows. An excellent webinar, with some real gems of knowledge. I highly recommend it.
Karen W wrote:
7 Nov '19 12:15pm

Fantasic webinar! Excellent detail and easy to follow
Sabra N/a wrote:
6 Jul '19 12:30pm

Very informative and presented very well. Absolutely worth the investment.
Helen C wrote:
24 Jun '19 4:15pm

As a 'non Xero partner' the webinar was clear, concise and easy to follow. A basic knowledge of Xero is needed; but if I could get my head around this ANYONE can! Well done on a user friendly presentation.
Sarah H wrote:
4 Jun '19 5:15pm

I took this webinar for the purpose of learning more about working with retention. It suited my needs exactly in that it described what retention is, when it applies, and how to build it into invoicing. I can now pass on my know to clients in the building industry with confidence.
Kay K wrote:
13 May '19 1:15pm
Very informative, step-by-step instructions. Thank you.
Jane V wrote:
7 Mar '19 10:30pm

I found the Working with and reconciling GST webinar to be thorough and made the GST Reconciliation Report and how to use it, so much easier to understand. A very worth while webinar.
Danielle H wrote:
3 Mar '19 6:00pm

This was a hugely informative workshop that explained the intricacies of the GST Reconciliation Report.
Mitch U wrote:
15 Feb '19 7:30pm

I have been a certified Xero Adviser for 5 years and know pretty much all there is to know when it comes to Xero but had heard from peers and colleagues that this session was quite good. Well I fully endorse that and for anyone who is still procrastinating, I urge you to do it as it is certainly worthwhile.
Jane C wrote:
7 Oct '18 9:45am

Finally the Xero GST rec makes sense. I have avoided it in the past and completed the gst rec manually. This 1 hour training was easy to follow and answered all my questions. I now can use the Xero GST reconciliation correctly and efficiently. Well worth it!!
Thank you so much Cassandra
Silvia D wrote:
5 Oct '18 10:00am

Very informative and well presented, great value.
Mandi D wrote:
7 Aug '18 9:30am

Webinar really helped to explain all the areas in the GST Reconciliation and why they need to all be considered and how to investigate if necessary.
Sabine P wrote:
30 Jul '18 4:15pm

Very good course and prompt response to follow-up questions.
Nadine H wrote:
29 Jul '18 11:45am

A very helpful webinar. Very clearly explained.
Catherine W wrote:
19 Jul '18 10:00am

GST reconciliation process. Am now reviewing all client files (thanks Cassandra) and feeling more in control. Would love to see how you deal with Grouped BAS in another session one day.
Great presenter and very experienced
Diane O wrote:
22 Jun '18 1:30pm

Clear and concise and well run. Highly recommend
Bonnie C wrote:
4 Jun '18 8:23pm

The detailed information was very informative and I did learn a couple of new tricks, in particular to the journal for reconciling the roundings amount in relation to the gst reconciliation report.
The gst reconciliation report made more sense to me know.
Bonnie C
Pam B wrote:
2 May '18 8:22pm

This is a really clear and detailed webinar to assist in reconciling GST in Xero. Nice that it was not basic and assumes a good level of knowledge to begin with.
Sue V wrote:
21 Apr '18 8:30am

It was very beneficial, great to see the "live" processing rather than reading a manual. Cassandra presented clearly and she is obviously a wealth of knowledge on Xero. My one recommendation would be to have a checklist given to you at the end, so you can use this as a template going forward when reconciling GST on Xero.
Lynne M wrote:
13 Apr '18 8:21pm

Was just what I needed when confronted with trying to reconcile new client’s GST. No Activity Statements had been published so GST reconciliation report was not working. Thanks Cassandra for this information webinar.
Jenny E wrote:
5 Apr '18 8:20pm

I enjoyed the webinar very much. Well priced. It was presented well which gave me the confidence to test it all out. My file was .01 out on the rec. Yihah!
Cathy C wrote:
2 Apr '18 9:30am

The GST in Xero webinar was well worth purchasing. Thank you Cassandra, it was really helpful and well presented.

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