Template - Xero Ask - Register for eInvoicing

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For use with XeroAsk

eInvoicing is coming - we need to start engaging with our clients to prepare their software for sending and receiving eInvoices.

This template can be used with XeroAsk to streamline the process for BAS and Tax Agents, who wish to facilitate the registration for eInvoicing for and on behalf of their clients.

This template covers the following elements:

  • What is eInvoicing
  • Authorisation to Register - collection of relevant entity, ABN and legal representative details required for registration
  • Confirmation of Xero's Terms of Use
  • Confirmation of Xero's Privacy Notice
  • Client Declaration authorising Xero Practice to facilitate the registration process

This template shows the language and the layout of the Authority in XeroAsk - the information can be utilised and repurposed for other delivery formats if required.

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