Managing Stand Down and the JobKeeper Subsidy in your Accounting System

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Run by Xero Platinum Partner, Cassandra Scott, this recorded webinar focuses on the setup and recording of transactions related to Employee Stand Down and the JobKeeper Subsidy in your Accounting System.

While based on the Xero Platform, the webinar is applicable to users of MYOB, QBO or other accounting systems.  This webinar is designed for Bookkeepers, Accountants and Business Owners..

In this session we cover:

Employee Stand Down
  • Stand Down Provisions
  • Payments During Stand Down
  • Other Options in Lieu of Stand Down
  • Casuals and Independent Contractors
  • Notifications to Employees
  • Stand Down vs Unpaid Leave or Leave Without Pay
  • Accounting System Requirements

JobKeeper Subsidy

  • General Information
  • Eligible Employer
  • Eligible Employee
  • Accounting System Requirements

Please Note: We are not providing Fair Work Advice - just the mechanism for recording these transactions in your accounting system

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Lynn Heanen wrote:
16 May '20 12:32pm

Managing Stand Down and the JobKeeper Subsidy in your Accounting System - Excellent, it provided exactly what I needed to know. It was very informative and to the point.
Kaye Nicholson wrote:
14 May '20 12:38pm
I gained alot of benefit from this webinar. Cassandra's knowledge is superb.
Cathy Caldwell wrote:
10 May '20 8:05am
This was a great resource to use early in the Jobkeeper processes within Xero. Good value for money. Cassandra speaks with clarity and her instructions are easy to follow..
Helen Haines wrote:
8 May '20 6:58pm

Very clear and straight forward. An invaluable resource and I look forward to using more of Cassandra's webinars to navigate the current crazy level of info coming through.
Anthea Leeson wrote:
6 May '20 4:38pm

Brilliant, highly recommend
Helen Waller wrote:
6 May '20 8:40am

This webinar was great and really helped me navigate through these crazy times. It was at a good speed too. Thanks!
Janice Radcliffe wrote:
4 May '20 10:55am

I would fully recommend the Stand Down and JobKeeper Subsiby training webinar. It was clear, straightforward and at the right pace. When you use more than one accounting software package, it can get a bit confusing, particularly at this moment in time. Thank you
Susan Norris wrote:
4 May '20 9:56am

Just the best in concise to the point knowledge delivery.
Kirrily Wilson wrote:
4 May '20 9:08am

Fantastic and easy to understand, Cassandra is extremely experienced. Her webinars are clear and to the point.
Emma Dedans wrote:
27 Apr '20 9:10am

Cassandra’s training webinars are invaluable. The way her webinars are conducted is so clear and straightforward. As a new bookkeeper I have a lot of questions all the time and picking up a webinar like this one answered a lot of my questions and helped me build confidence. Her level of knowledge makes it all worth it.

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